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4 weeks to a foundation of wellness

Can we really find simple solutions for our wellness goals?  There is so much news and noise out there that can confuse us and, quite frankly, be complex.  There are simple strategies that we can implement to help us reach our nutritional and overall health goals, but it is knowing how and when to implement those strategies that make all the difference.

The very first step is to determine our goals.  Our health goals should be things that make changes that can impact us long term.  The goal should take a little time, but not be difficult to achieve.  Rome wasn’t built in a day, and meeting our health goal, no matter what that is, won’t happen overnight… but it CAN happen.

Even if we feel like we are in pretty good health, we all realize, more than ever, that a healthy immune system is our most important asset. Balancing our body’s immunity is a worthy overall goal that impacts everything in our health: from fighting off a cold or flu, to helping us have the best chance at preventing other illnesses like cancer, heart disease, diabetes, auto-immune conditions, etc.

Have I piqued your interest? This program will provide information and strategies to help you meet your wellness goals. You will…

  1. Understand how your body works at the cellular level, and how macro and micro nutrients are delivered and utilized.
  2. Improve your body’s detox pathways so that you are functioning at your best.
  3. know what foods are the best and worst foods for your unique body.
  4. gain knowledge on clean eating and proper hydration and how the food choices you make affect your health.
  5. have access to software that will help with food tracking and meal planning.
  6. take a positive look at how to better our environment for holistic wellness.

We can do that together!  Because wellness IS achievable, and we can cut through the noise together with good information and practical ways to implement it.

Normally, a 1-hour consultation with me would cost $175. By joining my Simply Nourished program you will receive:

  1. personal evaluation of your starting point
  2. consult to determine your individual goals
  3. 3 follow-up sessions (1 hour each)
  4. access to educational videos
  5. one year of access to software for food diary, meal plans and additional materials
  6. maintenance follow up session (20 minutes) once per quarter for the remaining 3 quarters of the year
  7. 1 year subscription to my full online newsletter and archive

The price for this program is $600, but if you pay in full, discounted to $500. Click one of the buttons below for the payment option you prefer.

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